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We’ve got the perfect door
to suit your lift !

Slycma designs and makes bespoke lift doors to suit all your retrofit and new lift design projects.

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Manufacturing doors

To retrofit your lifts

Make your rickety old lifts more reliable and smooth! We can carry out a full or partial retrofit of your lift doors.

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Manufacturing doors

To repair your lift doors

Breathe new life into your broken down, dysfunctional lifts ! Discover our standard or custom models and spare parts, made available in an instant.

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Manufacturing doors

To complete your new lifts

Fit your lifts with doors that are both robust and efficient, in every setting. Our products are suitable for all buildings, new or old.

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A wide range of lift doors customised to each lift

Swing doors

We make swing landing doors that fit all lifts, ideal whether you’re designing new lifts or retrofitting.

Our swing doors

Automatic doors

We make automatic landing doors that fit all lifts, in all settings.

Our automatic doors

Glass doors

We make glass doors that fit your lifts, giving an aesthetic appeal to your new lift design or retrofitting

Our glass doors

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Made in France

Vandal-resistant doors

We make vandal-resistant landing and cabin doors, eliminating any damage caused from tampering or

Our vandal-resistant doors

Articulated sliding doors

We make articulated sliding landing and car doors. Perfect for goods lifts in all industrial environments and car lifts.

Our articulated sliding doors

Safety components

We make safety products for lift landing doors and lift cabin doors.

Our safety components

Over 40 years’ experience in the trade

Since 1972, we’ve been making doors that are tailor-made to your projects !
Our secret ?
Teams of people who listen attentively to all your individual needs, who possess expert knowledge in their profession. We are therefore able to advise and to guide you towards the solution which is best-suited to your needs, regardless of how complex they may be !

Bespoke solutions.
Support from start to finish.
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