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RETROSPECTIVE 2020 : Highlights on doors

In addition to the beginning of our new plant construction, SLYCMA has also experienced some exciting events in terms of product introduction in 2020. The SD130 door was introduced for sale in September, followed by the standardised car doors in November.



Flexible doors


The SD130 door


Available with a clear opening of 700 or 800 millimetres, the SD 130 door allows you to maintain the attractiveness of the building, both for your modernisation and creation projects. The SD130 door is available with panels and frame finishes in brushed, engraved or linen stainless steel. These finishes do not suit you ? Choose another one from our catalogue !


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Standardised car doors


A door which can be adapted to many existing door models and different brands ? This will make your repair and modernisation work easier ! The standardised car doors are available with a clear opening of 700 or 800 millimetres with brushed or engraved stainless steel finishes.


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Doors available in short lead times


The SD130 door


Delivery of this door is guaranteed within 30 working days, why do you not try it ?


Standardised car doors


These will be the best ever ! Delivered within 10 working days ! This is something you’ve never seen before !


Whichever door you choose, it will allow you to be reactive and save time !


Doors that optimise

You are not easy to persuade ? Here are the arguments that will make you change your mind !


The SD130 door


The SD130 door optimises car space ! How does it work? Thanks to the smallest dimensions on the market. The SD130’s door entrances (landing + intersill + car) measures only 130 millimetres. a thin door makes a larger car possible !

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Standardised car doors


These have their own advantages and will allow you to optimise the time it takes to put the lift back into service! Get rid of extra work such as moving the car backwards or modifying it or reducing the car space. Standardized doors save you time-consuming works !


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No matter which door you will install, You are sure to guarantee your customers an efficient modernisation that will give a second youth to your lifts. Safety and comfort are the key words.


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The SD130 door

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Standardised car doors

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