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3 essentials solutions to equip your private lifts

The installation of private lifts has increased in recent years. The ageing of the population and the need to help seniors stay in their homes and remain mobile are the main issues. You know our expertise : five-legged lift doors  ! And this also applies to your home lift.


Private lifts


Private elevators are designed to be space-saving in your customers’ homes. They can be used for many reasons :

  • Stay at home for the elderly or disabled.
  • Improve the comfort of moving between different floors in the same house for a family..
  • Add value to a home with a smart installation.


For all these reasons, a private lift must have different characteristics :

  • Be useful and easy to access.
  • Be quiet so as not to be intrusive in your daily life.
  • Be stylish and customized to match the vibe of each home.


Our Made In France solutions for your private lifts


We have 3 solutions to provide you with to accessorize your private installations. From the best quality-price ratio to high customization, discover the appropriate elevator doors for your future projects.


Solution 1 – The Lynea range


Porte battante avec option automatique pour vos ascenseurs privatifs


Lynea is a swing door with customizable dimensions, which is perfect for small car spaces. Available in sheet metal or glazed version with a classic or panoramic window..

And who can speak of a five-legged sheep without talking about highly customisation ? ? Take a look at our shade guide you are sure to find the perfect finishing for your own style.

But size versatility and high level of customisation are not the only advantages of this product. To improve the accessibility of your private elevator, opt for the motorised option and transform your swing door into an automatic door !

Consult the Lynea documentation


Solution n°2 – The Plypal folding landing door and its Plycab car door


Porte palière et cabine pliante automatique pour vos ascenseurs privatifs


Plypal is our latest innovation ! A folding, flexible and silent landing door with panels that close flat. This door combines all the essential characteristics for a private lift :

  • Be useful and easy to access : Plypal is a door able to be fitted to the smallest car spaces and landings.
  • Silent : Plypal opens and closes discreetly and smoothly.
  • Be design and customisable : Sheet metal version / Glass version ? You decide ! A lot of finishes are available !


Solution 3 – A door for your private lift at an affordable price


Porte automatique coulissante pour vos ascenseurs privatifs


For your customers whose budget is a little tighter and whose home allows for a standard size installation, choose the SD20 automatic door ! This door combines sturdiness, accessibility, aesthetics and low price.

Ask for a quotation


BONUS : Our complete solution for your private lifts completely Made In France


As you know, we joined the Sodimas Group in 2016 and some of our developments are done in close collaboration. Each of the door models we have shown you fit perfectly on the Sweet Lift by Sodimas. Take advantage of this ready-made solution : all you have to do is install !


Appareil Sweet Lift Sodimas - Ascenseur privatif