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4 doors solutions for 1 lift in an existing building !

it is sometimes difficult to install elevators in some existing buildings, as the space available is very limited. At SLYCMA, we have solutions for these particular configurations… Find out which ones !


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Creating a lift in an existing building: limits and requirements


As we understood in the introduction, some buildings were not designed to receive a lift. We are therefore talking about a rather limited number of buildings. The most popular way is to install the lift in the staircase opening. If there is not enough space, we can cut out part of the staircase.

When it is not possible to shorten the staircase and the configuration allows it, a pylon can be installed outside the building.

IIn addition, the lift must be designed to match its environment and not cause any noise or aesthetic disruption.

Even if the operation can be difficult, the installation of a lift in an existing building brings real added value. It provides the opportunity to :


Which Slycma doors are suitable for lifts created in existing buildings ?


You know our credo ?

We have the right door for your lift

Discover our 4 doors for your creation works in existing building !


Automatic sliding doors


Would you prefer the SD130 or the RHEA door ?

These landing door and car door combinations both have several advantages :

RHEA : A door that can be customised down to the finest millimeter and whose aesthetic quality has been proven..

Porte d'ascenseur cabine et palière vitrée


SD130 : The lift door that optimises car space. It offers the smallest dimensions on the market !

SD130 pour création d'ascenseur dans un bâtiment existant



Historic product : swing landing doors


Porte d'ascenseur battante LYNEA 2ème génération

The very first product we have sold since our creation in 1972 is the swing lift doors. You may be familiar with our first models : the PR72, the PYL82 or the PYL93… But since 2010, the Lynea range has come to unify our offer of swing doors. This solution allows your door perfectly adapted to your environment, both in terms of dimensions and finishes.

Swing doors are often the preferred choice for installation in existing buildings due to their flexibility, robustness and reliability. Now, with the newly developed invisible motorisation option, you can take accessibility to the next level !


Automatic folding lift doors


porte palière d'ascenseur automatique pliante


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Since the end of October, a new product has integrated our catalogue and you can now equip your most compact lifts with a couple of automatic folding doors : the Plypal landing door and its Plycab 4 car door with skate !

Available with a clear openihg of 500 to 900 mm, improve accessibility, Make the most of the landing space and optimise the car space with the flat closure !


How can the lift be successfully integrated into its environment ?


As mentioned earlier, the creation of a lift to an old building is a real added value, and for an optimal result the aesthetic integration is a key element !

All the door models you have discovered in this article are available in glass versions in a wide range of finishes. To find out about them, just click here !

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