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50 years of history, 50 years of swing doors

As you probably know, SLYCMA is celebrating in 2022 its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, we are going to tell the story of our main products.It is impossible to talk about SLYCMA without talking about the swing doors that made its popularity !


It all started in 1972…


They were born with us. In the 1970s, the society experienced a real construction boom with the building of a large number of housing units.

In this context and to meet the growing need, SLYCMA was created and with it, the PR72. The first swing door we introduced to the market.


Photo de la première porte d'ascenseur battante SLYCMA, la PR72

This door was designed for installations in housing buildings, but it was equally suitable for for freight lifts.


1982 : A more aesthetic swing door !


We did not rest on our achievements ! The PR72 was certainly a functional door, but it was not very elegant. This was the starting point for the PYL82, a swing door that brings real added value to the buildings in which it is installed.


Photo de la PYL82, une porte d'ascenseur battante plus esthétique


To create a greater design experience, the window has been enlarged and is available in 3 sizes :

  • Standard
  • Large
  • Panoramic

The notion of tailoring appears with this new swing door before becoming a real leitmotiv at SLYCMA. Our famous five-legged doors are now customisable in their dimensions and a range of different finishes have been introduced.


High dimensional requirements : PYL 93.


After the launch of the PYL82, the PR72 was mainly used for freight lifts but some of them had too many dimensional requiremens. That’s why we developed the PYL93 : a mini swing door for a mini lift !


2011, a revolution in SLYCMA swing doors


In the 2010s, the LYNEA that you all know was born, replacing the three other products we presented previously.


A range for every need

A range for every need
Our ambition in developing this range was to optimise our offer. A single range for all needs :

  • The classic range : perfect for housing applications
  • The GRIII : For use on unaccompanied lifts
  • The XS : For your lifts with strong dimensional requirements.


The first LYNEA generation

This continual search for improvement of our products has led us to work even harder on the aesthetics of our door. Designers joined the project to help us ” glamourising ” the swing door. The welding spots on the front side disappeared. We used a sheet metal glueing process. The handles and window frames were stylized and the  finishing range solutions was expanded.


Photo de la porte d'ascenseur battante LYNEA première génération


The second LYNEA generation

However, as the traditional oculus frame and handle have proved popular with our customers, new developments have been made to the door’s accessories. The aesthetics that we know from the LYNEA of today are therefore making their appearance in 2013.


Porte d'ascenseur battante LYNEA 2ème génération


SLYCMA swing doors today ?


The LYNEA range is always there to satisfy you : more adaptable and customisable than ever ! The catalogue of SLYCMA finishes has not stopped evolving since 2013.

In 2021, a novelty has been introduced… The motorised swing door !

Silver economy and accessibility : so many social issues that led us to develop this new product. A single objective : access to the lift for all !