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Our story

Improving lifts for more than 50 years

Ever since the company was founded in 1972, Slycma has built its reputation upon the combination of technological advancements and client satisfaction.


Slycma was founded following the decision by the company “Ruget” to convert the lift door manufacturing business into a subsidiary. One of the Slycma brand’s first successful products was the PR 72 door which stood for “porte Ruget 72”.


The takeover of the Dellerba patent.


After having marketed swing doors and Dellerba doors, Slycma developed its first automatic doors and launched the ECOSIL (Economic and Silent) range.

1980 - 1985

Slycma introduced its first 3 leaf door models which were intended to replace swing doors. Slycma redesigned its articulated sliding doors and launched the PAC 81 door. This product remains a reference to this day. It was also during this period that Slycma penetrated the Benelux market.


The in-house design office was set up for the design of the first custom doors and introduction of new door ranges.


Slycma introduced its flagship model of the PLYCAB 2 folding door. 30 years later, PLYCAB remains the folding door of reference.


Slycma became the 1st door supplier for the company CG2A. This successful partnership lasted for over 10 years.


Slycma continued to expand its business and set up its industrial site in Chaponost. The fact that this site remains to this day Slycma’s registered office proves the stable nature of the business.


In harmony with the smooth walls in France, all accompanying lift cabins now had to be equipped with cabin doors. This step marked the beginning of Slycma’s philosophy to develop products that could be adapted to previous ones.


In line with the development of car doors that drive existing landing doors, Slycma introduced its first renovation and modernisation solutions for competing brands’ models.


The French urban planning and housing act (la loi Urbanisme et Habitat) was published. Slycma upped their game by improving their client offering with safety-related equipment such as locks, retractable aprons, balustrades for cabin rooves…


SAP was introduced at the company.


Slycma opened their Paris branch including a showroom for their customers. The branch provides customers with spare parts and doors for repair purposes.


Slycma modernised its manufacturing process and redesigned its best seller: PYL 82 became LYNEA and achieved the same success and built the same reputation for quality.


Slycma introduced its RHEA door to the market, the ultimate customisable door, down to the nearest millimetre. The company continued to move towards its aim of being France’s leading supplier of custom lift doors for modernisation. The RHEA 2V doors are able to replace any automatic door, while the RHEA 3V and 4V doors are fitted in the place of swing doors.


Slycma launched the RHEA FULL GLASS door, the very first full glass door, without clips, without boards, aesthetically appealing and fine-tuned to dimensional requirements, which is particularly important when designing new lifts to be fitted in existing buildings.


With the market demanding more and more flexibility and responsiveness, SLYCMA expanded its workshop and invested in its own sheet metal machinery. Slycma upgraded its adjustable products in order to comply with the EN 81-71 anti-vandalism standard.


Slycma’s partnership with the Ruget group came to an end and a new one was formed with the Sodimas group, becoming the leading independent French lift and lift door manufacturer, trading across France and exporting abroad. Slycma developed its range of heavy duty and goods lift doors, and launched the GAIA range. Slycma continued to improve its products and marketed its control card for folding doors: Drive.


Slycma became one of the first French SMEs to upgrade its system to the SAP HANA database management system. Slycma transformed its entire range to meet the requirements of the lift directive in accordance with the harmonised European standard EN 81-20/50. Slycma reinvented the concept of standard doors by combining affordability, quality and extreme robustness.


Slycma opens up to the international market and signs a major supply agreement with a major customer in the Gulf countries.


Slycma upgrades almost all its range of automatic sliding doors and equip them with the SD01 card : the new generation of control card.


Slycma keeps on growing and starts the construction of its new production site which will also host its head office in Brignais, near to LYON.