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A 4300 m 2 workshop
fully dedicated to lift doors

We know that procurement lead times are THE crucial factor in the management of your work sites. That’s why our production is fully set up to adapt to suit your demands.

Fully adaptive production equipment

Our manufacturing facilities are both efficient and adaptive. We have organised our workshop so that each order, regardless of its level of complexity, goes through a production cycle that is complete with quality controls and validations, getting it through to the final phase of shipment as quickly as possible.

As we have a constant desire to innovate and improve our production, we have also put in place a bonding method which allows us to preserve the aesthetics of components whilst being more efficient than welding.

This fully controlled manufacturing method, which has undergone extensive stress and durability testing is the same used in cutting-edge fields such as aeronautics.

30 lift specialists covering all areas

All our sheet metal and assembly workshops contain production units, which make up individual production lines, allowing us to monitor the progress of each order smoothly and efficiently.

Each line handles the various products which make up our range. All our planning, stock management and production is controlled through our globally recognised SAP ERP enterprise resource planning software.

Each member of the teams working on these lines possesses expert knowledge on the techniques used in lift door production. Our workforce has on average 20 years of experience in the field, showcasing their expertise. Each person in the work shop possesses multiple skills, allowing them to operate on several production lines, which further contributes to the versatility of our manufacturing facilities.

Inspections of our work stations are frequently carried out to ensure continuous improvement of our processes. Safety audits are carried out every three months. Ensuring the safety of our workforce is always paramount.

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