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Our automatic lift doors : What are they used for ?

Depending on the configuration of your building, Slycma has a wide range of automatic lift doors to suit different needs : from standard to made-to-measure, find the door that will fit your lift perfectly.

The right choice of door is essential when installing a lift. It has to match the space available and be aesthetically pleasing.

We offer 5 different types of automatic lift door, each with its own specific features : Plypal is the flattest, Gaia is the widest and most robust, Rhea is the most flexible and aesthetically pleasing, SD 130 is the slimmest and SD 20 is the most standard.

But what are the different uses for our automatic lift doors?


Our range of automatic doors


As we saw earlier, Slycma offers you a choice of 5 ranges of automatic doors. When installing a new lift, there are several factors to consider when choosing the most suitable lift door :

  • Whether it’s an existing or a new building
  • The space available for the door
  • Whether a lift is being modernised or created
  • Type of location


Plypal automatic folding lift door :

How it is used :

The Plypal door is our latest and most innovative door.

The “Plypal” range comprises two types of product that work together :

  • The automatic landing door (known as Plypal)
  • The “Plycab” car door combined with the Plypal door

They are used in hotels or Haussmann-style residential buildings because they optimise space. They are only installed in existing buildings.

Product specifications :

Plypal landing doors and car doors are available in 4-panel, central-opening panels.

They have a clear opening from 500 mm to 900 mm and a total width between sides* of 572 mm to 972 mm.

*The total width between sides represents the space available between columns.


Find out more about the Plypal door


The most robust automatic lift doors : The Gaia range

How it is used :

It is used in public areas such as airports, stations and shopping centres.

It is also the perfect door to equip a freight lift and for very wide opening thanks to its many possibilities in terms of panels.
It can be used to modernise a lift or to create a new one.

Product specifications :

It is available in :

  • 2-panels, side and centre opening,
  • 3-panels,
  • 4-panels with a clear height from 1900mm to 3000mmm,
  • 6-panels with clear height from 1900mm to 3000mmm.

It has a clear opening of 600 mm to 3000 mm depending on the number of panels.

This door is available made-to-measure according to the dimensions of your building.

Why is the Gaia door the best choice for your freight lifts ?

The best components are used to guarantee safety and the handling of very heavy loads. Moreover, we offer a wide range of finishes, as well as waterproof, explosion-proof and other special features available on request.


Find out more about the Gaia door


Rhea : An adaptable and designed door

How it is used :

Its aesthetic appeal makes it ideal for enhancing professional spaces: it is favoured in hotels and offices, but is also used in residential buildings.
It can be used in existing buildings or new buildings, and for creation or modernisation.

Product specifications :

It is fully configurable. It is available in three versions :

  • Sheet metal door, for an authentic look,
  • Full glass, totally glazed with aluminum noses,
  • Absolute full glass, totally glazed for an elegant look.

This range is also available with several panels :

  • 2 panels side and centre-opening,
  • 3 panels,
  • 4 panels.

All are available with a clear height from 1900 mm to 2200 mm and a clear opening from 600 mm to 1100 mm.


Find out more about the Rhea door


The best price-quality ratio ? Range SD 20

How it is used :

The SD 20 is our robust lift door at an unbeatable price : it has the best price-quality ratio and its reliability is flawless.
This door is used in new residential buildings for creative purposes.

Product specifications :

We offer this door in 2 panels, with side or centre-opening.
The standard version is fire-resistant and vandal-resistant to level 1.

The insulating fire-retarding option is also available for maximum security in high-rise buildings or special configurations.

It is available with a clear height of 2000 to 2300 mm and a clear opening of 800 and 900 mm for the standard execution and with a clear height of 2000 to 2400 mm and clear opening from 700 to 1300 mm for the fire-retarding model.

Find out more about the SD 20 door


SD 130 : The slimmest automatic lift doors on the market

How it is used :

The SD 130 is our slimmest lift door. It completely optimises cabin space and takes up minimal space.

It is used in a variety of locations such as offices, hotels and residential buildings.
The SD 130 door is designed for existing buildings, and is mainly used for new installations. But it can also be used to modernise or renovate existing doors.

Product specifications :

We offer this door in 4 panels with a centre-opening.
Its reduced thickness saves you space and allows to enlarge clear opening on your installation.

It has a clear height of 2000 to 2100 mm and a clear opening of 700 to 800 mm.


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Now you know all about our automatic doors !

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