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RETROSPECTIVE 2020 : The construction of our new site

Let’s go on to the beginning of 2021 by remembering the SLYCMA great events of 2020. How can we talk about SLYCMA in 2020 without talking about the construction of the new factory ?


The beginning of the construction works


Construction began in July 2020.  Depollution of the ground, foundations construction. The first crews and trucks start working on the site….


The Ceremony of the first stone


Once the ground is ready and the foundations set : time for the walls ! Once the land is ready and the foundations set: time for the walls! But there’s no way the first stone of this new building can be placed at random: a ceremony must be organised.
Thanking the town council and all the people who contributed to the realization of one of our biggest projects was very important to us.


What now ?


Today, the building has walls ! The interior work has begun and will soon give us the opportunity to fit out the spaces : we hope you won’t miss a single detail !


The end of the works is still scheduled for April 2021 with a move-in by the end of June 2021 at the latest. We know that the thrill is simply crazy and that’s why we’ll be giving you news of the construction progress every 16th of the month: a glance at the first stone ceremony !