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COVID 19 : How are we going to manage the post lockdown period together ?

11 May official date of the end of lockdown in France, what happens now ?

Since the beginning of this historic sanitary crisis, our entire profession has continued its interventions in the workplace and has put forward the values of solidarity and responsibility. The objective : to take care of others and ensure easy access to all places equipped with lifts (hospitals, housing…), while respecting and enforcing the barriers gestures.

To support you and enable you to successfully carry out your work, we have reinvented ourselves and maintained our activity, while also respecting all the relevant safety measures .

What support for this new period ?

As we reported in our last article, Slycma is 100% operational.

Our production line is at full capacity.

The production units that compose our sheet metal and assembly workshops are independent production lines. Each line is in charge of the different products that we manufacture. The area of our workshop allows everyone to work serenely. Distance measures, traffic paths and occupancy of the facilities have been put in place…

The whole organisation has been reorganised so that employees have different starting and finishing times in order to limit the number of people present in the changing rooms. Meal times have also been adapted . Hydroalcoholic solutions have been made available at all strategic points of the company and in particular in areas welcoming people from outside our organisation. Masks and visors are present in the company and during visits to your sites.

Our customer service department carries out a daily review of current orders and we continue to contact our customers to determine the production to be launched and mounted, taking into account priority sites..

The main members of our support services remain teleworking and are 100% mobilized to answer your requests.

What’s next?

The pandemic is not over. However, the past few weeks have enabled us to become more aware of the behaviors we need to adopt to best protect ourselves and face this new stage of end of lockdown.

Our organization is still adapting to allow us all to get back to business as normal. Our leitmotiv is always to accompany you as closely as possible to your needs. Slycma continues to privilege teleworking for all tasks that allow it. The starting and exit working hours of all employees are adapted to reduce interactions as much as possible. Our production site is fully secured with strong healthcare measures.

Our sales teams are at your disposal to prioritize with you your delivery schedules.

Don’t hesitate to send us your questions

about your expectations and any information that will enable us all to succeed together in this new step !

Take care of yourself.