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Landing doors and car doors
for new lift designs

Fit your lifts with doors that are both robust and efficient, in every setting.

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Doors that comply with size restrictions in all buildings

We are France-based lift door manufacturing experts, creating custom-made doors designed to complete your lifts. In new and existing buildings alike, we offer a wide and complete range of products allowing us to offer solutions for all types of usage.

We are well aware of the major size restrictions one must work around when installing a lift into an existing building, and have consequently applied our expertise and unique know-how to providing custom-built doors.

So regardless of the structural design of the building and the type of lift, we supply products that are made to fit perfectly within the restrictions of each individual setting.

Our full range of doors

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  • Swing landing doors
  • Automatic landing doors
  • Automatic glass landing doors
  • Vandal-resistant doors
  • Articulated sliding landing doors
  • Car doors

We make lift doors for all settings

Apartment blocks

We offer swinging and automatic liftdoors for apartment blocks as well as social housing, that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 180 to 630 kg.

Offices and hotels

We offer steel and glass automatic doors for offices and hotels that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 800 to 1000 kg.

Hospitals and health centres

We offer steel and glass automatic doors for hospitals and health centres that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 1275 to 2500 kg.

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Warehouses and industrial settings

We offer landing doors, automatic doors and articulated doors that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 2000 to 4000 kg.

Shopping centres

We offer steel and glass automatic doors and articulated doors for shopping centres that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 900 to 3000 kg.

Public areas

We offer steel and glass automatic doors and articulated doors for public areas that are compatible with cars with a load capacity of 800 to 2500 kg.

The solution to your accessibility concerns

Installing a lift within a building solves, more often than not, any issues surrounding accessibility. It gives the elderly and those with physical disabilities the option to stay in their homes and to live as independently as possible. Hence, one must take into account the size restrictions and respect all specific standards when fitting a building with a lift.

Our complete yet growing range of lift doors cater for all accessibility needs. Regardless of the setting, we have the just the right door for your lift. This is also achieved through our ability to build even the most intricate bespoke doors in our workshop, always aiming to optimise safety and reliability.

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Unique doors that are not made elsewhere

Our strength lies in our ability to create products that are tried-and- tested, tailored to each order and innovatively designed in our very own design office. We are therefore able to make highly customisable doors for your lifts. For instance, we’re the only manufacturer on the market that builds articulated sliding doors, designed especially to cater for the needs of the manufacturing, automotive and food-processing industries. There’s also our fully glazed doors that make the perfect addition to your high-end, luxury plans.

Beyond the technical side of things, our teams are always very attentive. Our employees all possess a broad level of technical knowledge in the profession, meaning they can advise and guide you towards the solution that is best suited to your request. Courtesy of our in-house design office team who apply their know-how in designing and visioning each door, we can respond positively to 99% of requests, however unconventional they may be !

Here’s a few examples of new lift door designs

Projects across all sectors

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