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All our finishes for all your lift doors !

The catalogue of finishes for your SLYCMA lift doors is very rich and allows for extreme customisation. That is why we offer you this guide. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


For your accessories


We offer different processes for the finishing of your accessories :

  • Lacquering : Available in black, gold and bronze colours n°5 and 6.

Lacquering to finish your lift door accessories

  • Anodising : Two shades, gold and champagne :

Anodised finishes for your lift door accessories

  • Wood tone printing.

Wood effect prints for your aluminium accessories

  • Chromium plating : Chrome or gold polished and varnished.

Chrome or polished gold chrome for your lift door accessories


Our finishes for your lift doors


Our lift doors can be easily integrated into the environment of your lifts thanks to the almost infinite choice of finishes we offer.


The RAL catalogue

All RAL colours for your lift door finish

The RAL catalogue offers solid, bright, pearlescent or even metallic colours : we are sure that your customer will find what he is looking for !


Stainless steel


Standard stainless steel for your finish

As standard we offer a choice of brushed, engraved or linen stainless steel, but we will be happy to accommodate all your stainless steel finish requirements, whatever the design or colour !


What about glazed doors ?


Glass is not to be outdone ! Here are all the strings to SLYCMA’s bow in terms of glazing :

Choice of glass finishes for your glass lift door

We can also provide you with screen printing of your choice.


What you should know about SLYCMA finishes


Our job is to manufacture YOUR five-legged sheeps ! These shades of colour are a sample of finishes we can offer . Do not hesitate to contact us for your most colourful projects, we will be delighted to work with you on your projects !