All our finishes for all your lift doors ! Find out more

Glass lifts ? Discover the SLYCMA solutions !

Since our establishment in 1972 we have been constantly finding aesthetic solutions for your lifts. Our glass lift doors offer a wide range of options and you are bound to find one that suits you !


Aesthetic solutions for your glass lifts


Thanks to our SD01 card, there is no need to sand your glass anymore ! The card manages the anti-pinching by itself.


Different glass finishes


At Slycma, we create real 5-legged sheep. To do this, we know that customisation is the key. That’s why we offer several finishes for your glass :

  • Laminated glass
  • Opaque glass
  • Clear, silver or bronze antebellum glass
  • Clear glass

You can also add the silk-screen printing of your choice.

See the finish guide


Different types of doors


Automatic doors :



rhea for glass lift door

This door is the most aesthetic solution of our automatic doors, highly customizable, adapt it to all your sites !

Available in 2, 3 or 4 leaves with or without frame ! You can customise the glass and many options are available for the other components (frame and front). Whether you choose a stainless steel, sheet metal or chrome finish, there are many options available. For more information, please consult the RHEA glass brochure.



Gaia for lift door

A robust and aesthetic solution for any type of installation. The GAIA’s advantage? It is available in a flameproof version with laminated glass. You can choose different finishes for your stainless steel or sheet metal frames from our catalogue. The flame-retardant version is available in 2 leaves with side or central opening and the non flame-retardant version in 2 and 4 leaves.


Lynea swing doors :

lynea for glass lift


Another highly customisable SLYCMA solution for your landing doors. The Lynea swing door offers a glazed oculus or a panoramic version with a customisable frame for your glazed lifts. We have made a complete article on our range of swing doors, where you will find all the information you need.

Read the article


The Plycab folding door :

Plycab for glass lift

Equip your cabins with our Plycab door, the automatic folding door. Also highly customisable, you will find the whole catalogue of available finishes on its commercial brochure.


High-performance doors for your glass lifts


As you have seen, many options are available for your glass lift doors. Whether it is a wide choice of finishes, aesthetic solutions thanks to the non-sandblasting of your glass or flameproof options. Our doors are highly customisable in terms of finishes and dimensions. The clear passage and height are also adaptable, so do not hesitate to contact the sales representative in your area for more information.