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The guide to freight elevators

At SLYCMA, we have many solutions for your elevator doors, but how do you know which one really fits your needs ?


The different types of freight elevators


A freight elevator is a lifting device intended for the transport of more or less heavy loads (50 kg to 30 000 kg) serving defined levels. Its cabin can be accessible or not to people.

Find the glossary of technical terms for elevators and freight elevators on the website of the Federation of Elevators.


They can be electric or hydraulic depending on your needs. There are 3 types of elevators :

  • The non-accessible lift : characterized by their small size (1.20) they are mostly used in the restaurant industry to lift dishes for example.
  • The accessible but unaccompanied freight elevator : This one allows the presence of a person in the cabin during the loading and unloading but not during the elevation. You will not find any controls inside the cabin.
  • The accessible and accompanied lift : A person can not only be present in the cabin during the loading and unloading but also during the lifting.


Is your lift accessible or not, accompanied or not ?


You can determine the accessibility of your lift simply by its size. If it exceeds 1.20 meters of free height, then it is not accessible.

However, to determine if it is accompanied or not, you only have to rely on the control device and the cabin door. If there is a cabin door and the control device is in the cabin, then your lift is accompanied.


SLYCMA solutions for your freight elevator


We have 4 ranges to propose to you to equip your lift cabs in accordance with the standards EN 81-20/21/58 and 71.


The PAC range

porte articulée coulissante pour ascenseur

We are currently the only French manufacturer to offer articulated elevator doors. The PAC range offers a car door (PAC 81) and a landing door (PAC 85). You can install these doors on an accessible and accompanied lift. These doors also offer you the choice for the opening mode : manual, simultaneous or automatic ? The choice is yours !

Learn more about PACs


The GAIA range

Porte automatique monte charges


Thanks to its numerous possibilities in terms of number of leaves, the GAIA is perfect for equipping your goods lifts. Automatic car and landing doors with 2, 3, 4 or 6 leaves, the GAIA offers a free passage of up to 3000 mm.

More information on the GAIA range


Swing doors for your freight elevators



This 1-leaf swing landing door is specially designed for unaccompanied lifts. Robust and adaptable, it offers a free passage of 600 to 1300 millimetres as well as a wide choice of finishes. You can even install an oculus !

Lynea GR III sales brochure



Porte monte charges battante

This is a 2-leaf swinging landing door to equip your industrial lifts. You can choose to combine it with our JET S automatic cabin door or with the PAC 85 to make it accessible AND accompanied.

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