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How to choose the right modernization solution ?

You want to modernize the door of an elevator but you do not know how ? What are the things you need to know to properly choose your modernization solution ?

First of all, it is necessary to know the level of modernization required. Indeed, the modernization of a landing door can be total or partial and should concern the complete door as the lock or the mechanism.

Then, it is important to determine the type of door (automatic, landing or car door) and the operation to be performed:

  • Compliance of one or more door (s) of the same elevator
  • Reliability of one or more door (s) of the same lift
  • Replacement of one or more doors

Compliance and safety

The compliance of automatic door locks or their replacement may be necessary in order to restore safety and meet the requirements of the standards in force.

Choosing for compliance or replacement of these can reduce costs and restore the reliability of the elevator.

Replacement of one or more doors

Replacing the landing mechanism and panels gives the lift installer the opportunity to :

  • Restore, at lower cost, a reliability equivalent to that of a new door without replacing it, improve the aesthetics of the door when the panels are damaged by replacing them with stainless steel or glazed panels,
  • Decrease the interventions of the lift installers
  • Valuing the maintenance contract

Slycma accompanies you

Our customised renovation and compliance solutions are developed in-house based on standard products.

We also offer services such as on-site layout, assembly or commissioning assistance.

Thanks to our tutorials and our layout documents that we make available, take the few “key” dimensions becomes easy and we are enough to carry out the study of the modernization of your doors.

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