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Interlift 2017 : Let’s go

Day 1 at Interlift

It was in a summer atmosphere that the doors of Interlift opened.

At the beginning of the show, our first visitors are unanimous !

The doors we have chosen to present in their environment are already very successful !




As a specialist in the modernization of lift doors,  we have chosen to show our visitors what their refurbished lift  will look like when the environment is to be preserved to the fullest.

Rhea 3VOL Full Glass

The range of RHEA glass door is presented at the show in its Full Glass version opening onto a view of Lyon. This scenario shows how much our door can enhance the lift while bringing a maximum of luminosity !

Folding landing door

We are delighted to present our full scale model of our folding landing door.

Here are a few benefits :

  • Replacement of hinged doors with a 110 mm header,
  • Low encroachment on the floor in opening,
  • Positive action lock in the header,
  • Simultaneous drive of the car door,
  • Closed flat.











Do not hesitate to contact us to have more details !