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SD130 : The lift door that optimises car space !

At SLYCMA, we work day after day to bring you practical and tailor-made solutions. It is in this context, and thanks to the expertise of our design office, that we have designed the SD130 door for your creations and modernisations.

modernisation lift door

The 5 reasons to choose the SD130


How does it save car space ?

With its 43 millimeters car sill and a door block thickness (landing + car) of only 130 millimeters, which does not affect its silence and robustness. The SD130 complies with the EN81-20 standard.

This guarantees to your customers an optimised space, it is also a way to increase clear opening !

Opting for this door model ensures an improved car space as well as the smallest overall dimension on the market.


Can it be adapted to any building configuration ?

SLYCMA’s vocation is to create lift doors that respond to very particular configurations, this is the reason why we have created this door. SD130 is available in 4 panels, central opening with a clear opening of 700 or 800 millimetres.

It can be used to create your lift in an existing building. But also for the modernisation and renovation of automatic or swing doors.

All this makes the SD130 a door that can be adapted to all your needs.


I would like to keep the identity of the building, is it possible ?

No problem !

We offer you a wide choice of finishes such as brushed, engraved or linen stainless steel for your panels and frames. Other finishes are also available on request.

The SD130 will fit perfectly on your building sites, it’s as if it had always been there !

Which control card ?

Our card: the SD01 ! Synonymous with reliability, this card is easy to set up and you can easily adapt it to your needs.


What about delivery ?

Don’t panic, for the SD130 door, we guarantee delivery within 30 working days. Enough to satisfy your most demanding customers.




Need installation tips ?

Contact our technical assistants who can be reached by phone and e-mail !

ASSISTANT TECHNIQUE   Milad-Maalouf-Assistance-technique


Lift doors for the creation of a new building ?

We offer many doors that can satisfy all your needs ! Do not hesitate to visit our website and discover our SD20, RHEA and GAIA ranges.



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