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Identify to repair quick and well : a service at the top!

Frederic-service-pièces-de-rechangeServe our customers as fast as possible, with the right product, is our main incentive. We are aware of the issue of repair for both the elevator technician and the passenger. A lift out of order disturbes the whole organization of the day. Our goal : to offer the optimum service to all our customers. This service is provided by two men, one in Chaponost, the other in Chilly Mazarin.

After Yves PHILIPPE, we chose to give voice to Frédéric DI PIERRO, the Slycma interlocutor dedicated to the repair and maintenance topics on the site of Chaponost. He explains the course of a typical day.

How do you organize this service ?

As soon as I arrive at the office, I spend the first hours of the morning processing emails. Throughout the day, I answer all the requests

For 30 to 40% of requests, I can immediately identify the relevant part. I draw up a quotation and send it to the customer in order to validate his order. A validated order is processed in the half day. Orders validated before noon are prepared and shipped the same day.

If I am not able to  identify the part easily, I contact the technician for further information. Once the identification is done, I can prepare the quotation and coonfirm a deadline for making it available. The processing of these requests may be longer because it may require exchanges between the customer and me. Often these specific components require a manufacturing time that I confirm on the quotation that I send.

What kind of information do you need ?

To be able to identify the door to which the defective part belongs, I need to know the original doorl. If my interlocutor does not know the reference of the product, he must send me pictures of the part. Or even, give me the address of the site. All these elements that will allow me to find the initial order in my database. This base is made up of all orders processed in the context of special business or standard business, for many years.

Do you work with other departments of the company ?

My function is transverse and implies that I work with all the departments of the company. We are the French specialist for the customised elevator doors. This is why main of the components that I have to provide for spare part have specificities. Also, I have to cross-reference with the design office, the sales department or the work shop.

I work exclusively at headquarters in Chaponost. My counterpart José FERNANDES supports this service on our Chilly Mazarin agency.

Are there tools to identify parts more easily ?

Today our customers have a catalog that lists all spare parts for the maintenance and repair of our elevator doors. This catalog is available in paper version. It is also available in digital version downloadable from the private area of ​​our website.

To access the private area, simply make a request to our webmaster who opens the rights.

Improving the satisfaction of our customers is our main motivation. We work daily to implement tools that optimize maintenance and repair operations.

We are currently finalizing the opening of an online store. This store will propose, as of next September,  to identify and to order the piece which one needs, whatever the day or the hour.

In addition to the direct collection at counters Chaponost and Chilly Mazarin and the delivery to agencies, we will also offer parcels deliveries relay . A novelty that will allow all technicians to remove their parcel the closest to the site where they repair or maintain.

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