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Lift doors

A wide door range
that we customised to each lift

porte antivandale pour ascenseur

Swing doors

We make swing landing doors that fit all lifts, ideal whether you’re designing new lifts or retrofitting.

Our swing doors


porte automatique pour ascenseur

Automatic doors

We make automatic landing doors that fit all lifts, in all settings.

Our automatic doors


PLYPAL création

Folding doors

Manufacture of folding landing and car doors. The most innovative accessibility solution on the market.

Our folding landing doors

porte vitrée pour ascenseur

Glass doors

We make glass doors that fit your lifts, giving an aesthetic appeal to your new lift design or retrofitting projects.

Our glass doors


Vandal-resistant doors

We make vandal-resistant landing and cabin doors, eliminating any damage caused from tampering or vandalism.

Our vandal-resistant doors


porte de cabine slycma pour la modernisation ou la création d'ascenseurs

Car doors for modernization projects

Manufacture of car doors ideal for creation and renovation, whatever the brand of the landing door.

Our car doors

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Articulated sliding doors

We make articulated sliding landing and car doors. Perfect for goods lifts in all industrial environments and car lifts.

Our articulated sliding doors


composant de sécurité pour ascenseur

Safety components

We make safety products for lift landing doors and lift cabin doors.

Our safety components