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Glass lift doors

glass lift doors

We make glass doors for your lifts, perfect when retrofitting or designing new lifts.

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Unique glass doors offering simplicity and elegance.

Our glass lift doors are a high end, prestigious addition to your units!

In new and existing buildings alike, installing our glass doors will give your lifts a significant visual enhancement and unmatched levels of brightness.

Specifically tailored to residential buildings, offices, hospitals and shopping centres, our glass doors are available in a large choice of finishes (brushed stainless steel, engraved stainless steel, rice grain stainless steel, checked stainless steel and more) that will make your lifts simply stunning.

It goes without saying that they all offer uncompromising levels of reliability and safety, with flame-arrestors available on some models.

Glass lift doors’ specifications and product sheets

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  • Compliant with the requirements of the 2014/33/UE Directive
  • Fully glass doors without clips or boards
  • Anti-finger trap doors
  • Compliant with the EN 81-20/50 standard
  • Available with or without fire-resistance
  • Suitable for retrofitting as well as new lift designs

Exclusive: The Full Glass landing door

With its fully glass model, the RHEA landing door is the only door on the market that offers luxury finishes at an affordable price.

With its hidden mechanical parts and its sliding doors placed directly on the threshold, it combines ground breaking design with high levels of efficiency.

The RHEA Full Glass door also comes in a panoramic model, with customisable edges for an even more distinguished look.

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Support and advice for all your project requirements.

All our activities are focused around the satisfaction of our customers. Our teams will therefore support you all the way during your retrofitting, new lift design or repair project. Ever since Slycma was founded, we’ve always maintained close relationships with our customers, based upon trust, ensuring we move forward together.

Everyone here at Slycma is gifted with unique expertise and responsiveness, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting expert recommendations and always the best advice out there. We also offer a large array of services such as assembly and commissioning assistance. We won’t abandon you once the doors have been made !

  • Glass door repair
  • Glass door compliance
  • Improvement/ reliability of glass doors
  • Entire glass door replacements
  • After-sales service
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More than 40 years of French expertise

Our doors are designed and made in France, near the city of Lyon, in our very own workshop.

It’s where over 60 lift door specialists meticulously make each door. We also have an in-house design office, where our engineers conceive and design your tailor-made doors and mechanisms.

Thanks to our expertise, we can modify our doors to fit any other products available on the market. Therefore since 1972, we’ve been making Slycma doors that fit seamlessly into each and every one of your projects !

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