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Safety components

Manufacturing safety components
for lift doors

Locks and retractable toe guards.

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Locks for designing and retrofitting your lifts.

The GENALOCK lock range was designed to fit our swing landing doors.

We have quickly developed adapter kits that allow us to install these locks instead of existing locks, whilst meeting the safety requirements of the EN 81-80 standard.

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  • serrures-ascenseurs-slycma
  • Compliant with the requirements of the 2014/33/UE Directive
  • Ideal for retrofitting and new projects
  • Shunt : Commitment TUV Austria ATI-TV99/7
  • Lock : Commitment LNE dated 2006/04/11 n° 0071/0306/10

Retractable toe guards compliant with the EN 81-20/50 standard.

The DELTACAP toe guards meet the standards relating to the construction and installation of lifts in existing buildings in the event where the shaft pit is not deep enough.

They are also compliant with the requirement of the EN 81-80 standard advising the installation of a safety device preventing lift shaft falls from a minimum vertical height of 0.75 m when in an operational position.

The DELTACAP retractable toe guards are easily and quickly fitted underneath the car entrance.

They include a safety contact compliant with the EN 81-20/50 standard for certification of the full deployment.


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  • toles-garde-pieds-retractables
  • Clear opening available from 500 to 1300 with a 50 mm pitch
  • Silent shock absorber
  • No contact between panels running
  • Endurance, distortion under push or shock tests, approved

Support and advice for all your project requirements.

All our activities are focused around the satisfaction of our customers. Our teams will therefore support you all the way during your retrofitting, new lift design or repair project. Ever since Slycma was founded, we’ve always maintained close relationships with our customers, based upon trust, ensuring we move forward together.

Everyone here at Slycma is gifted with unique expertise and responsiveness, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting expert recommendations and always the best advice out there. We also offer a large array of services such as assembly and commissioning assistance. We won’t abandon you once the doors have been made!

  • Safety components repair
  • Improvement/ reliability of safety components
  • Safety components replacement
  • After-sales service
  • accompagnement-slycma-portes-vitrees

More than 40 years of French expertise

Our doors are designed and made in France, near the city of Lyon, in our very own workshop.

It’s where over 60 lift door specialists meticulously make each door. We also have an in-house design office, where our engineers conceive and design your tailor-made doors and mechanisms.


Thanks to our expertise, we can modify our doors to fit any other products available on the market. Therefore since 1972, we’ve been making Slycma doors that fit seamlessly into each and every one of your projects !

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