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Modernising old lift doors ? Choose PLYCAB !

We are committed to offering you THE door for your lift. To do this, our range of products can be adapted to all the equipment you need to create or maintain. Let’s take a closer look at our solution for modernising old lift doors : the PLYCAB.


The PLYCAB lift door in a few words

Plycab door to modernise your old lift doors


Our PLYCAB door is THE folding lift door for small spaces. Optimise your car space with the PLYCAB thanks to its flat closing and its small size.

Equipped with a brushless motor with frequency variation, you have access to many settings such as :

  • Opening speed
  • Closing speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration

With PLYCAB, offer to your customers comfort and flexibility of use !

Available in sheet metal and glazed versions with a clear opening from 550 to 950 mm. A larger opening is available on request for the sheet metal version, please contact our services !


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Modernise old lift doors with PLYCAB


Western old lift doors


Porte d'ascenseur ancienne type western


The operator of our folding car door can be used to motorise old Western lift doors.

No need to replace everything to modernise, just motorise the existing one ! This solution allows you to :

  • Secure your lift.
  • Bringing modernity to the site.
  • Preserve the aesthetics and character of the building.

However, if you don’t want to keep the existing door, it is possible to completely replace the existing car door with the PLYCAB.

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Small car space


Folding lift door SLYCMA PLYCAB for modernisation of old lift door or creation of lift in old building.


When you have to create or modernise a lift in an existing building, the dimensional limit is often the first one you face.

The PLYCAB door makes it possible to make the most of the frequently reduced car space..

Choose the glass version to create an illusion of spaciousness and reduce the feeling of being confined.


Replace your old lift doors with the PLYCAB operator upside down


This is a little-known but very practical feature in certain configurations. Our PLYCAB door can be installed upside down. Why ?

  • The upper storage space is too small
  • There is no space on the cab roof
  • The car is decorated with nice mouldings that you or the architect want to keep.


A highly customisable door


The PLYCAB door is one of our most customisable products. It is available in glazed and sheet metal versions and each of these versions has several finishes in its catalogue.


Glazed version


Several types of glazing are available :


Choice of glass finishes for your glass lift door

We can also provide you with screen printing of your choice.

For the framing of your door panels, we can offer you various painting methods :


Lacquering :

Lacquering to finish your lift door accessories


Anodized paint :

Anodised finishes for your lift door accessories


Chromium plating :

Echantillon de la palette chrome proposée par SLYCMA


Sheet metal version

You can choose a colour from the RAL catalogue for your sheet metal PLYCAB :

All RAL colours for your lift door finish


But also between several types of stainless steel :


Standard stainless steel for your finish


We can meet all your requirements for stainless steel finishes, whatever the design or colour !