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Modernizing or repairing your car doors has never been so easier !

New kits to modernise your lift car doors. The modernisation kit is now available from SLYCMA ! Flexibility, adaptability and reactivity… We tell you everything !


Kit modernisation porte de cabine SLYCMA


Which car doors should be equipped with a door modernisation kit ?


The door modernisation kit is an universal kit, it has been designed to adapt to the greatest number of automatic sliding car doors with fixed skate. 2 or 3 panels ? Side or central opening ? No problem ! Our door modernisation kit is flexible and adaptable, you can use it on a clear opening from 600 to 1300 mm, install it on an existing door mechanism and its powerful motorization will allow you to drive all types of panels.

The door modernisation kit enables the reopening on obstacle even for glass doors. The little bonus ? It is Made In France and guaranteed for 3 years !


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What equipment should you use to modernise your lift car doors ?


In the door modernisation kit you will find everything you need to modernise your lift car doors :

  • One SD01 piloting card
  • One Brushless Permanent  Magnet extra flat motor
  • Two adjustable and steerable brackets
  • Adjustable and steerable guide pulley
  • A long belt to carry out any type of modernisation


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A solution within easy reach


You can easily keep your SLYCMA door modernisation kit in stock. The packaging has been entirely designed to facilitate shelf display and optimise product identification.


Modernising your doors yes, but not only …


Once your door modernisation kit is on the shelf, it is ready to intervene ! A breakdown ? An urgent repair ? Our SLYCMA solution gives you the opportunity to be reactive and to provide fast service to restart your lift. Thus, the car door modernisation kit enables you not only to modernise your lift doors but also to repair them quickly !


Simply put


The door modernisation kit gives you the opportunity to modernise or repair the majority of automatic sliding car doors. You avoid additional work as you can keep the mechanism and panels of your existing doors. Finally, it is compact and easy to store, so you can therefore quickly handle your short-term repair jobs.


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