New : Mechanical release cam for car doors Find out more

New : Mechanical release cam for car doors

The release cam is an essential component of a door’s locking system. Installed on the car door, it activates the landing door lock and allows it to be opened.



A release cam for car door : how does it work ?


A  car door is fitted with an unlocking cam when it is required to unlock swing landing doors. When the car door is opened, the cam unlocks the lock and allows the user to open the door.

This release cam can be mechanical or electromagnetic (electro-cam).


In most cases, the lock is located in the landing door upright and, for side-opening car doors, on the side of the opening direction of the panels. However, it may happen that the swing door locking system is opposite to the car door opening direction.


In this situation, the only solution was to install an electromagnetic cam, but this is expensive and requires work on the lift controller, so take longer to install. But now, lift specialists, you have a new solution.


The new SLYCMA mechanical release cam : What is it ?


The new SLYCMA release cam is a solution for your side-opening 2 and 3- panel car doors that operate with swing doors whose lock is opposite to the direction of opening.

It perfectly replaces an electro-cam and requires no intervention in the machinery !


With which models is the mechanical release cam compatible ?


You can request our mechanical unlocking cam on certain SLYCMA models :


Portes de cabine automatique SLYCMA


Portes de cabine automatique SLYCMA


Portes de cabine automatique SLYCMA


Portes de cabine automatique SLYCMA










Is your car door not a SLYCMA model ? No problem, this is a multi-brand solution ! As long as your car door is a 2 or 3 panel side-opening door, you can use the SLYCMA mechanical unlocking cam*.


*Check compatibility with your project with your dedicated SLYCMA technical sales representative.


Some technical specifications


This cam is compatible with all types of release lever (parallel push, pull or perpendicular).

For a door with 2000 mm clear height and a 400 mm operator, the release height should be between 1500 and 1950 mm. This adjustment range depends on the height of the operator in relation to the clear height.


To check that this solution is compatible with your door, discuss your project with your technical sales representative.