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SLYCMA 2022 Product catalog – New products

As you know, during 2021/2022 new products have been added to our range. As the SLYCMA product catalog is getting updated, we would like to introduce you to the latest products that you will find in this edition.


SLYCMA’s purpose for the product catalog


Visuel catalogue produit slycma 2022


The SLYCMA product catalog is dedicated to providing technical support for your project design. It contains :

  • The main technical characteristics of the products,
  • Catalog drawings,
  • Information on the compatibility of landing doors and car doors,
  • The environments to which our doors are best suited.

In order to meet everyone’s needs, you can obtain it in two different editions : the paper version and the digital version. It will be available from 2 May ! Reserve yours now!


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What’s new in the product catalog


The SD20 EI120 small facade


Porte d'ascenseur SLYCMA SD20 EI120 huisserie réduite


A new addition to the SLYCMA product catalog is the SD20 EI120 small frame. This is the fire break version of our SD20 door.

The header is reduced to 80 mm and the uprights to 70 mm in order to limit the radiant surfaces. The metal reinforcements are replaced by plaster reinforcements. All these features give the SD20 EI120 a 2 hours fire break.


The SD130


Porte d'ascenseur SD130


The slimmest lift door on the market ! Thanks to its door block (landing + car) of only 130 millimetres, installing this door in small spaces has never been so easy!

Thanks to the SD130, you can offer your customers :

  • An optimised car space,
  • An improved clear opening,
  • A quick and simple renovation of a swing or automatic door,
  • An easy installation in an existing building.


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