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Recycling and recovery of waste : an issue for Slycma !

For Slycma, recycling is a daily concern and the well-being of all, a priority.

In-company waste can also be recycled !

Slycma takes into account environmental issues and is part of a process to promote its industrial waste.

For a less impact on the environment, sorting and recycling are the key words. Sorting, recycling, giving a second life to appliances, consuming smartly are all keys that are taken into account.

In this perspective, we have set up a partnership with the company PAPREC.

Leader in this field, this company values for us the recycling of cardboard and wood, which represent the most important part of the waste that we produce.

Other consumables are an integral part of the sorting process :

  • Reusing paper,
  • Collection of printing consumables,
  • Collection of used batteries,
  • Recovery of glass and plastic.

Recycling so that everyone can be an actor

For the employee, being eco-responsible is to be a prescriber and actor of a change within his company to limit the environmental impact and integrate the preservation of the environment into his daily life.

The establishment of good practises and the provision of tools for employees can adopt this eco-responsible behavior.

Work everyday while preserving the environment.

We did not have to have additional facilities or to do specific work so that the gestures are simple and automatic. Sorting bins are available to employees in the workshop and in the administrative services.

All these simple actions, the involvement of everyone to sort, allow us today to value our waste and quantify the impact of our actions :

Infography recycling Slycma

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