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Lift landing and car door
repair solutions

Breathe new life into your broken down, dysfunctional lifts !

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Standard or custom models. Readily available for all your repair jobs.

You can count on us when you need quick solutions to lift breakdowns, faults or maintenance ! We provide you with our most popular models or the best-selling ones on the market. Immediately available so that your lifts are repaired without delay. Similarly, we make the individual components you require as promptly as possible, not to mention an extensive choice of spare parts for all our models.

And to save even more time, we have a dedicated repair consultant ready to deal with all your repair requirements. To cater for all your preventative or remedial maintenance issues, we offer you expert technical support and give only the most suitable recommendations for your situation.

Our range of doors

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  • Landing door repair
  • Car door repair
  • Repair to mechanisms and panels
  • Lock repair
  • Spare parts
  • Instantly ready for collection at our branch in Paris and in Lyon
  • Technical Support

Repairing lift doors in 6 steps


Get in touch

Contact our technical team and a dedicated consultant will assist you through the process
from start to finish.


Placement of the order

Depending on the cause of the breakdown or malfunction of your door, you’ll then order the spare parts required.


Manufacturing of the parts

For special orders, we can get the parts finished in less than 5 weeks.

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Quality control

All the parts made for your repair jobs undergo thorough inspections during each step of the
manufacturing process, ensuring they are reliable, compliant and safe.


Order collection


Once the order has been placed, we offer two options. You can either collect your items at our branches in Paris or Lyon where more than 250 items (doors and parts) are available

We can get them quickly delivered to your chosen address.



Our teams remain available to answer all your queries related to maintenance (preventative
or remedial) and commissioning.

The most common parts made instantly available

Breakdowns can be down to numerous factors. However, our extensive experience in the field means we are familiar with the most common causes, which parts are most often requested and which models of doors are most at risk.

Therefore, we make sure that we’ve got replacements in stock for the products that are at higher risk of breakdown, in particular car doors. Just head down to one of our branches in Lyon or in Paris. You’ll find a car door ready to be installed, designed to fit the unlatching of your existing doors, requiring minimal technical intervention.

And the same applies for our spare parts ! The 250 most common items are instantly available. Original parts, on models from the past 10 years.

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Fast delivery times for custom lift doors

Need to repair or replace a custom designed door or mechanism ? Not a problem, we’ll take care of it ! Our products are fully customisable and we’ll replicate the doors you need replacing to the nearest millimetre.

We also keep records of all the products made in our workshop, so we can create exact replicas of the parts that were made in our workshop several years later. Therefore, your doors can be repaired in even less time!

The maximum time we require for replacing custom products is 5 to 8 weeks.

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