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What could be a better resolution than to support an association ?

Let us end this month of good intentions in the best manner possible. SLYCMA in 2021 is involved in supporting a foundation in partnership with an association.


Supporting an association

As a company, it is also our role to get involved and support a cause that is close to the hearts of our team.

In 2018, 17 of our employees volunteered to take part in a charity event organised by “Action contre la faim”. More than 700 people took part, helping more than 580 hungry children.


Acting in 2021

Through a survey, we let our team have the opportunity to express themselves. This year, two topics were highlighted. The action against hunger and support for people with disabilities.

In order to carry out an action in which everyone could participate, we have decided to support in a different way …


Create the event

The current health crisis makes uncertain the events organised by the associations. And rather than making a simple donation, we have therefore decided to create the event !

How did we do it ? Two events are under discussion: the collecting in nature or the solidarity challenge. The employees still have a part to play, of course. Here are two infographics that explain how these events could take place !

Graphic design collecting in nature

Graphic design solidarity challenge

Are you curious to know which association we are going to support and how ? Follow the SLYCMA news, we will keep you up to date with all the news in due time !