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4 good reasons to install the most robust standard door on the market !

4 good reasons to install the SD 20 door :

The SD 20 door has everything to please since it meets each of the requirements of 80% of our customers. It is the ideal equipment for all lifts both in creation and modernization.

Its robustness

The SD 20 door integrates in its basic version, the answer to the requirements of the norm Vandal-resistant EN 81-71 Category 1. It is the insurance to have the adapted equipment, made to last.

Its silence

The characteristics of the driving parts have been specially designed not to generate or transmit operating sounds that pollute too often the lives of residents.

Its simplicity

Standardized components, easy commissioning and maintenance.

Its price

The SD 20 door is really the door that will suit all buildings for which the conditions of use must be optimum, without being obliged to add expensive options.

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Specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of lift doors for more than 40 years, you know us for our know-how and our ability to manufacture the tailor-made doors which you are regularly looking for.

However, you also need to be able to find, for creation or modernization operations, standard doors that are robust, silent, at a competitive price.

We are now able to offer you this standard door.

We relied on our expertise to design and integrate it into our product line. This is the SD 20 door.

It is undoubtedly the best quality / price / robustness of the market !

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What makes the SD 20 door the best value for money / robustness of the market ?

  • The components are known, therefore tested,
  • The design is simple, without the possibility of dimensional variation,
  • Everything is thought to be fair, without superfluity,
  • It offers few variants, which simplifies production,
  • The prices are attractive, the price of spare parts too,
  • Maintenance is economical