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SLYCMA Lynea swing doors for a design lift !

Swing doors are one of Slycma’s star products, and for good reason, they were the very first door models that SLYCMA designed, manufactured and sold. Since then, and in particular thanks to the Lynea range, you have had the possibility of customising your doors, both in terms of dimensions and finishes. This makes any lift a design lift !




The Lynea range


A robust, reliable and elegant door produced to fit most configurations. The Lynea door is easy to maintain and is designed to fit perfectly into any elevator. A wide choice of finishes allows you to adapt your door to the design of your building and lift car.


The Lynea Standard


The standard Lynea has a smart black finish, a reinforced glass with a window frame and an exclusive handle in a natural aluminium finish.


porte pour ascenseur design


Consult the sales brochure


But there are multiple variations


Starting with the dimensions


Lynea standard with a clear opening from 500 to 1300 mm or Lynea XS with a clear opening from 440 to 800 mm ? The choice is yours !

You can easily adapt your Lynea door to your elevators.

Need an optional feature or an adjustment ? Don’t hesitate to contact us, there is a large choice of parameters !


More information on the Lynea XS


Portes pour ascenseur design


But also the finishes


You can choose the colour of your door among the various RAL colours and also personalise your accessories with the colours of the special finishes colour chart. You can even choose the glass of your choice : wired glass, clear laminated glass, opal glass, antelio glass, etc.


Finitions pour ascenseur design


Here are some examples of the possibilities offered by the Lynea door, but please note that a large number of finishes are available. We invite you to contact your local sales representative.


Find your sales representative

A panoramic Lynea for a design lift

Available with a clear opening from 400 to 900 mm, there are many finish combinations for the Lynea Panoramic !


Porte vitrée pour ascenseur designIn a few words, the Lynea door is a highly customisable equipment, with a wide choice of colours, finishes and dimensions… Too wide to show you everything today!


You need more information ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we we will be happy to support you in your design lift projects !


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