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SLYCMA transfer : D-30 !

As you know, SLYCMA has been preparing its transfer to its new industrial site for several months. The final date is fast coming ! This great event will take place in one month, from 31 May to 4 June 2021.

This transfer is a major step in the history of SLYCMA and for all its staff. It has been carefully scheduled and anticipated, and we are doing everything to minimize the impact.

SLYCMA moving


What remains the same…


Your contacts and their phone numbers remain unchanged in all departments.

Our working hours are still the same.


What’s new…


Our address :

New Head office : 235 rue du Général de Gaulle 69530 Brignais

Reception / Pick up : Rue des vieilles vignes 69530 Brignais


New work spaces for our staff :

All of our premises, from production workshops to offices, have been entirely designed to improve the ergonomics and well-being of our employees.

We have also paid particular attention to the quality of the lighting and the thermal comfort, which provide a more pleasant working environment.

As we are firmly believing that well-being at work is a guarantee of performance, all our spaces have been redesigned. From confidentiality spaces to collaborative or relaxation areas, each zone provides a ” bonus ” throughout the day.

The same is true for the outdoor areas: shady areas and a landscaped terrace are there to enjoy friendly lunch breaks.

In order to encourage alternative, eco-responsible energy travel, our new site is equipped with several electric charging stations.


New equipment to manufacture your products :


SLYCMA has also undertaken a very important industrial investment plan. In addition to four new large overhead-traveling crane, a new generation automated fibre laser cutting centre will be installed in our factory.

We have also extended the process of digitalising the workstations in our workshops as part of an evolution towards factory 4.0.

Our test laboratory has been provided with new equipment and its surface area has been increased by more than 50% to enable us to test and validate our solutions even more efficiently.

And it is in our  brand new showroom that we will able to welcome you to discover our new products !


Don’t forget, there is only one month left until the D day ! We look forward to sharing this experience with you…