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Standardised car doors : Shortened delivery time !

Our standardised car doors were already there to make your life easier by being adaptable to a large number of door models. But we know that you need speed and responsiveness for your lift door upgrades and repairs. We have taken your requests into account and here is our answer …

Standardised car doors for better lead times

Our standardised car doors are still available for delivery to your building sites but with accelerated lead times. There are only 10 days left between your order and delivery !
This improved lead time is the solution to your last minute repairs. The standardised car doors will allow you to react quickly and efficiently to better satisfy your customers.


Standardised car doors for a perfect fit

A clear opening of 700 or 800 millimetres, a choice of brushed or engraved stainless steel finishes and, above all, compatibility with numerous door models and different brands ! Whether Schindler, Otis, Fermator or even Soretex, you can modernise everything thanks to our car doors.
Relieve yourself of complicated installation work such as :
– Move back the car
– Reduce car space
– Change the car entrance
With these doors all you have to do is order, receive and install !


A real deep change

standardised car door before after modernisation

These solutions will allow you to modernise a large number of doors, giving them back their comfort and security.

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To sum up

Opting for standardised doors is :

  • Very short lead times with the possibility of delivery within 10 working days.
  • Time saving : Avoids heavy installation work that requires human and financial resources.
  • A modernisation that restores security and comfort of use to your doors.

So seduced ? Come and discover more about our car doors for modernisation !


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