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SUPPORT: We continue with the Design Office

Last week, we told you how our sales team support you in your projects. But we have to admit that without the Design Office, customer support would not be the same …


You should know that our Design Office is divided into 2 divisions: “Custom-made projects” and “Product Development”. Their aim is to meet the needs of our customers as well as those of the market.


Support for your custom made projects

Charles et Rémi DO

The “Custom-made projects” department allows us to treat your 5-legged sheep individually.

When you make a tailor-made project request to one of our sales team, it will be handled by our special project managers : Rémi, Charles and Freddy.

They will study your request and adapt our standard products to your needs. So they write a set of instructions. These instructions are then transmitted to our production team.

Rémi, Charles and Freddy then start writing the maintenance and assembly instructions. They will be for you a real support that will support you throughout your work.

For the most complex requests, the product is tested in our laboratory before leaving our workshop. But we will talk about that a little late …


Support and product development

Philippe et Terence DO

While the “Custom-made projects” division cooperates with sales and production, the “Product Development” division works closely with Board and sales department.

You may not be aware of it, but Philippe, Fabrice and Terence support you throughout your projects even if you haven’t yet expressed any need. Indeed, their mission, in addition to developing the products we need, is to anticipate market request.

They carry out a large number of studies, whether they are normative, technical or dimensional, from both internal and external sources to SLYCMA. These studies, coupled with the technical specifications provided by the sales force, enable them to imagine and then design a product.

In other words, they are always on the search for new solutions, new technologies and new manufacturing processes to meet your future needs..


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