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SUPPORT : It all starts with sales department …

If you follow SLYCMA, you did not miss our greeting card. We have promised you support, expertise and made in France and we will be looking at each of these points over the next months.

So let’s focus on SLYCMA’s support, starting with our sales force.


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I/ Support from field sales force

equipe commerciaux itinerants SLYCMA

Each project is followed up by a dedicated sales manager for each sector. You may have noticed, but our field sales force is working with different missions …


The technical mission

Real lift experts, our sales managers come to your work sites: they check the technical aspects of the work and make their own suggestions in terms of products. Once the work has begun, they will accompany you throughout the duration of the project and remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.


The commercial mission

Of course, our sales staff are there to offer you the right product at the right price ! Their expert eye enables them to understand the needs of your building site and to provide you with the right SLYCMA solution ! But the sales mission doesn’t stop there. They are your contacts, they will tell you all about new products and explain our commercial policy.


II/ Support from our quotation department

Equipe chiffrage SLYCMA

Experts in their field, Géraldine and Nathalie are there to translate the recommendations of the field Sales forces into quotations.

They also carry out your quotations directly for the needs defined by your own teams.


III/ Support through the website

Our website is also there to help you. It allows you to be autonomous in your research because it gives you access to a lot of documents. You will therefore be able to define your needs on your own and/or contact your sales contact if necessary.

Contact the sales representatives

Can’t find the documents you need ? Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative. After identifying your needs, he will contact Fabienne Rivollier, Operational Marketing Manager, Communication & Export Relations. She will create a private area on our site so that you can access the various catalogues and product information leaflets.

Fabienne Rivollier SLYCMA


IV/ Let’s talk about spare parts

Chargés de pièce de rechanche SLYCMA

Our dear Frédéric Di Pierro and Dominique Gourtaud, accompany you in the identification of your product for your spare parts needs.

You need to maintain your 5-legged sheep ? They will search into our  database to find your special case and then offer you the right product.

The SLYCMA news recently revealed how our spare parts service works and the services that Frédéric and Dominique offer.
If you missed it, we don’t blame you ! We are giving you the link to the articles which will explain everything in detail !


All information about the spare parts service and the e-shop

pièce de rechange

Discover the typical day of Frédéric Di Pierro

Frédéric Dipierro chargé de pièce de rechange