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Tutorials : Our help for installing your lift doors !

Since 2017, we have launched the concept of tutorials, a SLYCMA solution to make your lift door installation easier ! Simplifying your experience and offering you our help even outside of opening hours : this is the SLYCMA approach.


Installation lift doors tutorials


Installation of your lift doors should not be a problem


With the SLYCMA tutorials, we provide you with real support, accessible day and night, which allows you to be completely independent in the installation of your lift doors.

These tutorials are in video format in order to offer you visual content that gives you the important elements and their chronology. Survey, assembly, mounting … You will find all the tips from our technical support experts. In addition, our tutorials are bilingual French/English in order to adapt as well as possible to our customers ! Moreover our tutorials are both available in French and English and which you can use either on your smartphone or on your computer. You can watch it wherever you are if the need occurs !


Discover our tutorials


Locally produced tutorials


Indeed, all of our tutorials are done locally. Our staff plays the demonstrations. The installation of the doors is filmed and edited by the Lyon communication agency Omaha Beach or by Fabrice Ferrer, our photographer, whose studio is located in Vaulx-en-Velin, close to Lyon.


Where can I find tutorials for the installation of SLYCMA lift doors ?


The SLYCMA tutorials are of course available directly on our website in the dedicated “Tutorials” section but also on our Youtube channel.


The next outings


New tutorials will soon be available at SLYCMA. Stay tuned to discover the SD130 door, the thinnest door of the market, assembly tips ! Or would you prefer to find out how to optimize the mounting of our busmatic door release cams to make them last over time ? We will soon provide you with all the answers to your questions.


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