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Technical assistance : a man, a job !

For us, each member of the team has an important role to play. We chose to give voice to one of our collaborators to tell us more about his job. This is Yves PHILIPPE in charge of technical assistance.

Yves, can you explain what are your main missions and tasks at SLYCMA ?

My main mission is to provide all our clients with the concrete help they may need. Whether they are installing one of our doors or performing maintenance, they can contact me. Today, in order to be able to answer to customers’ expectations at every moment, we create tutorials that will, if I am not available, give them tips and still allow them to find solutions.

How do you act if the lift installer or maintener is facing a problem ?

I intervene mainly by phone. I try first to guide him orally by identifying with him the cause of the problem. I may also have to tell him what to do to correct mechanical topics, for example. I put at his disposal the necessary documents. The goal is to get him to find the solution quickly.

Do you ever visit the construction sites ?

Yes of course. If we can not manage with the problem by phone, I go on site as soon as possible. I can also be present to assist the lift installer in mounting a complex product in site.

As an expert, do you think your role is to train elevator operators ?

My action must allow the lift installer to ensure the safety of future passengers and technicians. Training customers in the use of our products, helping them to identify more easily where their difficulties may come from and finally passing on the knowledge is in itself a great satisfaction and that is what makes all the appeal of my job .

When you are not called by the lift installers, what are your other missions ?

When I’m in Chaponost, I have many other missions. Because I am close to customers and their questions, it is me who validates the assembly manuals. I also install the doors or devices that will be tested in our test lab (to learn more about it, see our article here). It is also me who go on booths when we participate to fairs to install and regulate the products that we present.