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The 6 new items of our motorized swing door

Just one year ago, we introduced our new product : the LYNEA motorised swing door. An innovating product facilitating access to your lifts for disabled users. 6 new features have been added to reinforce the reliability, robustness and accessibility of this product…


Novelty n°1 : A brand new motor !


More robust, more silent and above all more smooth, this new version of our motor allows you to offer more comfort to the users of your lift. You can now adjust the opening and closing speed as well as the trigger distance of the low speed.

But that’s not all : it also allows shock detection ! This feature brings us directly to our second new feature, the buzzer…


moteur v2 porte battante motorisée

New feature n°2 : A sound signal to facilitate access for blind people


When the motor detects a shock, the buzzer makes an audio signal to indicate to the user that something is blocking the door. It can also buzz during opening and closing to indicate the position of the door. For people with reduced vision, this is a real advantage.

This function can be customised according to your needs. You can choose to activate it completely or partially.



New feature n°3 : The power supply option


No power supply available ? Choose this option ! A suitable power supply will be delivered with your door.


New feature n°4 : The emergency power supply option

Do you need your device to remain functional, even in the event of a power cut ? Opt for the battery option, it will take over !

New feature n°5 : The push plate option


If you follow our news on LinkedIn, you can’t miss this news : SLYCMA has acquired a laser engraving machine.

This investment allows us to offer you self-engraved push plates showing the levels and indicating that the door is automatic.



Novelties n°6 : The swing door modernisation kit


You have installed SLYCMA swing doors and you want to modernize them ?

We have created a special modernization kit for swing doors. With it, you can upgrade your SLYCMA swing doors automatic in no time !



All you need to know about the SLYCMA motorised swing door


Are you discovering the SLYCMA motorised swing door ?

The SLYCMA motorised swing door is compatible with almost all the car doors in our catalogue.

It is intended for installation in residential housing or for your homelift equipment.

Do you need more information ? Discover the article presenting this new product !


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