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The expert sales man : A day with Cédric

February is over and it is time to start the new , dedicated to SLYCMA expertise ! On the programme : a trip through SLYCMA services and a meeting with the members of our teams. They will take you on board on their typical day, and it starts right away in the sales department with the travelling sales staff …



The expert team of travelling sales representatives


Sales team


Cédric, Frank, James, Franck and Serge have shared the four corners of France, Luxembourg and Belgium in order to be able to satisfy your request.

In addition to main support mission, our mobile sales representatives put their expertise and know-how at your service. Indeed, our technical sales representatives, with their many years of experience, have acquired the technical skills required to give you the best advice for your lift doors.

All of them come from branches which have enabled them to acquire a strong technical background : design office, technical assistance, projects manager or quality topics.

Today, we are going to share a day with Cédric Bouniol, sales manager for the East, Centre and West French areas.


Meeting Cédric, commercial expert



Q : How long have you been working at SLYCMA ?

A : I have joined the team almost 13 years ago.


Q : During these 13 years, have you always worked as a technical sales representative ?

A : No, when I joined SLYCMA I worked as a Technical Assistant. This has been my job for 6 years and enabled me to develop a very strong technical knowledge. I joined the sales department later on.


Q : In your opinion, what are the necessary requirements to be qualified as an expert ?

A : First of all, being able to listen and be ready to help. Of course, you have to have a good understanding of what service is all about. But above all, in a specialised industry such as the one we address, know-how and technical skills, such as knowing how to project yourself in 3D, are essential !



A typical day with our technical sales expert


Q : What does your typical day look like ?

A : My job is to inform customers about our products and the solutions we can provide. I travel to the site to carry a door measurement in order to advise the customer in the best possible way.


Q : What does a layout consist of ?

A : A door survey is simply the taking of the dimensions of the ribs. These measures allow me to identify the brand and model of the door already installed, based on our catalogues, and to provide the best SLYCMA solution..
In most cases, I carry out the measurement alone on the basis of the requirements previously confirmed with the customer by e-mail or telephone. In this case, I contact my customer again before going on site in order to define his needs again together.

I also sometimes carry out the onsite analysis with the customer while making an appointment. This allows us to meet and discuss their needs directly, especially if they are specific.


Q : Do you have any tools to help you with the layouts ?

A : Of course, the modernisation solutions catalogue and the SLYCMA products catalogue never leave me !

In fact, the new modernisation solutions catalogue will be available soon. Simpler and more visual, it will make it easier to identify your needs ! To receive it as soon as it comes out, simply click on the link below and fill in the form.


Pre-order your catalogue


Q : Can customers make a layout on their own ?

A : You need a certain technical knowledge, but yes of course. The customer is free to make his own survey and ask for a quote or to place an order directly. He can rely on our various catalogues. Moreover, in case of doubt, he can contact directly either his dedicated sales contact or the technical assistance which will guide him at a distance. The SLYCMA tutorials, available on the website, are also there to support and guide him.


See the tutorials


Expert for all types of work


Q : What types of work do you work on ?

A : Mainly modernization work, but also repairs. As far as modernisation is concerned, today we are able to work on any door. Regardless of the trademark and model, SLYCMA has the right solution.
As far as repairs are concerned, a large part of the work is carried out by technical assistance. We, technical sales representatives, are regularly called when a car door is out of order and the customer is looking for a quick replacement solution. When the configuration allows it, we then offer standardised car doors. These modernisation models are the result of almost 30 years of work on the modernisation of competing car doors. But before being an economical retrofit solution, these doors are a fast repair solution with accelerated delivery. They will be delivered to you in just 10 working days !


Read more about standardised doors


If the sales manager of the area is not available, the customer has all the keys in hand to carry out his layout alone thanks to the RCS form. To access it, simply go to our site and log on to the private area. It is also possible to request documentation.


Q : What about the creation of new lifts ?

A : Customers can contact us about the creation of a new lift as we belong to the SODIMAS group. All they have to do is send us the information about the lift and the door they want. We then take the matter to our partner.


Now you know all about the typical day of our technical sales staff ! Don’t hesitate to contact them for all your projects, their expert eye will find the SLYCMA solution that will meet all your needs !

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