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The history of our freight lift doors : the PAC hinged sliding door đź›—

As you have discovered, the very first product we introduced to the market was the PR72. It could be used for both heavy-duty and residential lifts. However, very quickly the need for larger clear openings became obvious in order to lift more bulky loads. Our solution : the PAC, a hinged sliding lift door.


1976 : Commercialisation of the PAC hinged sliding door


Porte articulée coulissante pour ascenseur de charges lourdes


The PAC 76 was introduced to the market in 1976. It was the first hinged sliding lift door and it has been thought to be used with both heavy and bulky loads. Designed for unaccompanied passenger lifts , it was a manual landing door only.


1981, an evolution among the freight lift doors


PAC 81, la porte de palière articulée coulissante automatique OU manuelle pour ascenseurs de charges lourdes

This is a PAC 81 installed in 1981 which is still in perfect working order 41 years later.


New product : the PAC 81.

Our range of hinged sliding doors for freight lifts is improving in several aspects :

  • An automatic version is now available.
  • The panels, which were complex to manufacture, have been redesigned.
  • The clear height and clear opening dimensions have been increased.

Replacing the PAC76, this new product remains a solution to be installed on unaccompanied equipment.


1985 : The Car Door


porte de cabine articulées coulissantes pour vos ascenseurs monte charges lourdes et volumineuses accompagnés


In order to meet market requirements and to make work for lift operators easier, we have developed the PAC 85 car door. Like the landing door, it is available in manual or automatic versions. The advantage ? Your heavy and bulky loads can now be escorted in complete safety.


1990s : A versatile freight lift door


During the 1990s, many improvements were made to the PAC range to facilitate the installation of these doors in any place.


VVVF motorisation

As with most of our products, the PAC has been equipped with a VVVF motor to provide greater flexibility and comfort for the user.



As we know, freight lifts are sometimes installed in wet areas. This is why we have provided a waterproof version of the range.


Rust protection

When lift doors are exposed to sea breezes or the use of corrosive cleaning agents, such as those used in the food industry, they are exposed to faster wear and tear.
To avoid this problem, you can request the galvanisation of some parts of your door. Not enough ? A full stainless steel version is available.



At the end of the 90s, a explosion-resistant version was developed by our engineers.


2013 : The hinged sliding freight lift door with simultaneous drive


Porte de charges lourdes à entrainement simultané


Another new product has been added to the range : the PAC S, a simultaneous drive door !

Designed for lifts with heavy loads on several levels, this is a solution which, in addition to being economical, allows the door to be approved to the EN 81-58 standard (fire-resistance option).


What about today ?


Porte articulées coulissante PAC SLYCMA pour ascenseur monte charge

The PAC range is still a reference for heavy duty lifts : perfect to equip your car lifts ! Only available in side opening, it is also possible to combine two doors to obtain a central opening.

You can choose a stainless steel finish and all the colours in the RAL catalogue.

Manual, automatic and simultaneous drive versions are available, all of which can be adapted to your specific requirements. You don’t know which one to choose ? Ask your local sales representative for more information !