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The Lynea swing door with automatic option

We have been preparing it for several months and it is finally time to reveal it to you. The automatic swing door has arrived at SLYCMA ! A robust, reliable and flexible door that facilitates accessibility with a completely invisible motorisation system.


Automatique Lynea swing door slycma


5 good reasons to choose the SLYCMA automatic swing door


A robust door with an invisible motorisation


We know that front side door closers are expensive and restrictive from both a technical and aesthetic point of view. SLYCMA has the solution for you ! With the automatic option, the motor of the Lynea door is fixed on the hinge in the jamb. This installation, in addition to providing a much more aesthetic appearance, also protects against vandalism. Everything is protected !


An easy & accessible solution


This door has been designed to facilitate access for all users by meeting accessibility standards, but not only ! The installation is also made easier as the installation of the motor only takes 15 minutes to complete the installation of the door.


Hinge mounted motor


A reliable solution


We have tested it on no less than 350 000 opening and closing cycles in our laboratory in Brignais.


A flexible opening


Thanks to its piloting card, the opening movement of the SLYCMA automatic swing door is smooth.


Pilot card SLYCMAPilot card slycma


A customisable automatic swing door


Of course, the finishes of the Lynea remain the same whether the door is automatic or manual. This gives you a wide choice to adapt the door to the aesthetics of the building. But here you can also customise the way the door works. Opening or closing speed ? The choice is yours !


An automatic swing door for all types of construction sites


Home Lift


motorised swing door installed on a home lift


SLYCMA has long been a player in the Silver Economy, equipping hundreds of private lifts to improve living comfort and guarantee the independence of the elderly for as long as possible. Our swing door already echoed this logic, but this time we are going further.

Our Lynea door was already compatible with a private lift, but with the automatic option, you can also install it on your equipment for people with reduced mobility. Indeed, the Lynea, equipped with a motor, meets the accessibility standards.

Discover also the SD20 door to equip your Home Lift

SD20 installed on a home lift








Residential housing


Access to housing is a fundamental right and for any construction of a residential building, it is compulsory that it respects accessibility standards. Our door is one of SLYCMA’s solutions for making your new buildings accessible. You can also install it in your existing buildings when creating a lift or when modernising to make your establishment accessible. To find out more, read on !


Modernise your swing doors with the automatic option


Choose our swing door upgrade kit. Install it on a manual SLYCMA swing door, wait, and… your swing door is now automatic !

If you wish to modernise other brands, please contact the sales representative in your area.



So, did the automatic option of our Lynea swing door appeal to you ? Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or for more information.