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Why don’t we talk about new developments in our product range ?

For nearly 50 years, we have been devoted to building relationships of trust and partnership with our customers.

Thirty years ago, we invented for them a new vision of modernization, based on a dual expertise :

  • On-site support, able to identify existing equipment, detect technical difficulties and draw up recommendations taking into account all the components of the project,


  • an engineering and design department, tasked with developing standard products and with the ability to transform these same products into “5-legged sheep”.

It is from this desire that our slogan was born: “From standard to singularity” and which we have capitalised on to become the on to become the essential partner in modernisation solutions that we are today..

This perfect knowledge of modernization requirements has enabled us to improve our range of automatic doors. Our products have been designed to be bespoke in order to limit costly extra work and to adapt to existing equipment, both on the mechanical and structural parts. All the qualities of our products are assets for new installations as well.

Thus, our entire range has been redesigned for :

  • The creation: with the SD 20 doors whose main features remain price and robustness. They are certified vandal resistant level 1 in basic equipment. The GAIA doors, for their part, are more intended for freight elevators in large clear openings, hold vandal-resistant level 2 and have fire-resistant glazing.


  • Pure modernisation with the RHEA door, the fully bespoke model, both in terms of finish and dimensions. It can also be perfectly integrated into an elevator where the existing landing doors and/or cabin doors are kept. It is also the best component for a repair.

Finally, the control of the car doors has been a crucial point in the developments. The management of the hazards created by the modernization in terms of weight, alignment, or “parasites”, was a very high functional requirement. Today, almost all of our car doors are controlled by our SD01 card.

We are constantly developing our products to provide you with more and more solutions and to make it easier for you to create, modernise and repair them. Follow our news, we will introduce you to the solutions that will increase our offer over the months.

First of all, and to illustrate our purpose, we will make you discover 10 projects on which different configurations have been implemented for the satisfaction of our customers, which is our first target, since our creation.

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