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A wide range of lift doors
suitable for all your projects

If you’re a construction manager, we can offer you lift doors for all your renovation and compliance needs.

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Quality production and compliance with standards

All the lift doors that we produce are designed internally, based on standard products or customised in case of specific requests. We also have a very large variety of doors, making us the first point of call for construction managers looking to renovate of make their existing lifts compliant.

Our focus is always on providing the highest levels of quality, comfort and safety, so naturally our products are compliant with all the relevant standards in force such as NF EN 81-20/50, NF EN 81-58, NF EN 81-21 etc. Our in-house design office can also anticipate what the future standards will require, so we can ensure that our products are compliant when they are implemented. Such was the case for the implementation of the new EN 81-20/50 standard on the 1st September 2017.

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A wide range of doors suitable for all types of lifts.

Swing doors

We make swing landing doors that fit all lifts, ideal whether you’re designing new lifts or

Our swing doors

Automatic doors

We make automatic landing doors that fit all lifts, in all settings.

Our automatic doors

Glass doors

We make glass doors that fit your lifts, giving an aesthetic appeal to your new lift design or retrofitting projects.

Our glass doors

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Made in France

Vandal-resistant doors

We make vandal-resistant landing and cabin doors, eliminating any damage caused from tampering or vandalism.

Our vandal-resistant doors

Articulated sliding doors

We make articulated sliding landing and car doors. Perfect for goods lifts in all industrial environments and car lifts.

Our articulated sliding doors

Safety components

We make safety products for lift landing doors and lift cabin doors.

Our safety components

Bespoke solutions and support at your disposal

Our doors are designed and made in France, near the city of Lyon, in our very own workshop. We also have an in-house design office, where our engineers conceive and design your tailor-made doors and mechanisms.

Thanks to our expertise, we can modify our doors to fit any other products available on the market.

At Slycma, you’ll get to speak with a dedicated Slycma consultant able to answer all your queries. Therefore you will benefit from expert technical support and only the most suitable recommendations for your renovation work.

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