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Are you a property managing agent ?

Lift doors
catering for your commonhold property requirements

If you are a property managing agent then we have just the right doors for your commonhold properties, offering quality, comfort and safety.

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Slycma, experts in residential solutions.

Being a managing agent brings lots of responsibilities, especially when making decisions about work done to the building. Choosing the right contractor is never easy, especially when it comes to repair jobs, retrofits, or ensuring that the lifts are fully compliant. However, it’s essential to get it right if the common hold is to work !

And with Slycma, you would be working with the French lift door specialists. We design and make our products ourselves, and offer a wide range of doors that will fit any lift, especially those in residential settings.

Our ability to deliver bespoke doors coupled with our extensive experience gives us all the right tools to customise each individual order, at very reasonable prices and delivered promptly.

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A wide range of doors,suitable for all types of lifts.

Swing doors

We make swing landing doors that fit all lifts, ideal whether you’re designing new lifts or retrofitting.

Our swing doors

Automatic doors

We make automatic landing doors that fit all lifts, in all settings.

Our automatic doors

Glass doors

We make glass doors that fit your lifts, giving an aesthetic appeal to your new lift design or retrofitting projects.

Our glass doors

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Made in France

Vandal-resistant doors

We make vandal-resistant landing and cabin doors, eliminating any damage caused from tampering or vandalism.

Our vandal-resistant doors

Articulated sliding doors

We make articulated sliding landing and car doors. Perfect for goods lifts in all industrial environments and car lifts.

Our articulated sliding doors

Safety components

We make safety products for lift landing doors and lift cabin doors.

Our safety components

Customisation for your retrofit plans

Our doors are designed and made in France, near the city of Lyon, in our very own workshop.

We also have an in-house design office, where our engineers conceive and design your tailor-made doors and mechanisms. Thanks to our expertise, we can modify our doors to fit any other products available on the market.

Beyond their technical features, our doors can also be customised with an extensive choice of finishes (brushed stainless steel, engraved stainless steel, coloured stainless steel…) and colours, so they’ll go seamlessly with the decoration of your building. The customisation doesn’t stop there; even the accessories come in a selection of different colours !


Let your creativity run free and go for something unusual !

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Are you a property managing agent looking for a lift door specialist for your residence ?
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